Add or remove an account

Add or remove an account from Android devices pretty simple, many users posted question on forums related to android query, how to this how to that, question always solve the problem of users, many Android users get difficulty while using some advance features, formally Android devices boom start from 2009, and now it’s most popular os inside your mobile devices, after launching its first version company made huge updates to its new version.Delete Email Account from Android Contacts

Now jut elaborating the answer of how to remove email account from Android from contact account setting, for that you have to make some effort, but put small thing in your mind try to solve all the problems which you face with android devices step by step, using this approach you will be able to solve more problem rapidly.

Before you do remove it, be precise which email id you have to remove from contacts and which have to add both you can operate from single setting, just move to Contact list >> Accounts >> Google >> Choose Email id >> Go to option >> You can now Sync and Remove Account, try to choose particular email, you have two option in this setting sync now instant or remove, you all aware about this, if you will delete this option all data and setting will be deleted.Ways to Delete Gmail Account on Android

You know you can operate many setting from this place related to your contacts such as app data, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, Google fit data, Google play book. and more.

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