We all should participate to give right information online about anything you make possible, so that we can make world beautiful, there are lots of people those who work free for world, we also give our at least 1% time to others, it also should be free, participate things which you want to for another, we all should help others.How to add any Location Photo of Google mpas

You see when you search for any location inside Google maps you will get location + its  photo with particular location, those all photo was added by users those visited before, so its easy, you also can participate to add particular location photo you want, for that you need to follow some easy steps, the requirement is only have to Gmail account.

Photo help users to find location or business on Google Maps with photo, it also will help business owners to get more clients from search, some key points you should remember such as format of the photo, right location, size of picture, and the last thing is the quality of picture you want to add.How to Add Location Business Image to Google Maps

How to add any business, location photo to Google Maps to provide proper information to internet users

  • Open Google maps, login with your Google Gmail account
  • Now you will be at home of Google maps, search for any location, such as TAJ MAHAL
  • Google Maps will give you result related to Taj Mahal, with some photos, now you also want to contribute to add some photo you taken on Taj Mahal
  • Click on Add Photo button left had side of your computer screen, if you unable to see Add Photo button, just scroll down your left screen of map
  • Now click on Add Photo button now it will given you an option Upload Photo, Your Photo, Photo from Phone.
  • You need to select Upload Photo to add photo from your laptop or computer
  • When you upload an photo to maps it will automatically shows you an uploaded photo with location name.

The whole steps will be helpful users to get proper location information with Google maps and search result as well, so contribute on web to give useful information to others, usually when we plan to visit some new place first we search those on Google and see photos and location on Google maps, so that we can easily get to know that, is that fine for visit, if we or someone already added photos on the web, so that’s easy to get info about location.

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