In 2015, December Google has updated its Chrome browsers it is a so popular web browser on web and Android there are more than a billion users of Google Chrome browser till now.There are many features included in Chrome browser but today we only talk about how to add a new language in Chrome browser with spell checker feature enable for this additional languages.

This feature of Google Chrome will be helpful for bilingual users who want to switch between two languages.So Google Chrome will automatically spellcheck for different languages you type in the text box.

Add Additional Language and Spell Checker in Google Chrome

If you want to add another language in your Chrome browser with Spell check feature enable, please try the following steps.

  • Open Chrome Browser in Your Computer.
  • Then click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal line ) which will be located in the top right corner of your computer screen.Now select Settings and look for the link Show advanced settings and click on this.
  • Next click on Language and input settings under Languages tab.add Language and Spell Checker in Google Chrome
  • After that, a new pop-up window will open then click on Add button for adding your desired Language in your Chrome browser.How to add Dictionaries to Google Chrome Spell Checker
  • After that, it will show you two option, Display Google Chrome in this language and Use this Language for spell checking now check the Use this language for spell checking from the given options.
  • After that, you will see Google Chrome Browser showing Downloading the spell checking dictionary.

That’s it now whenever you will open your Chrome Browser it will show you content in your desired language with spell checker feature turn on for that language.

Do you know about any tricks regarding Google Chrome browser please let us know about that by your comments?

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