How to Run Online Ads on Facebook Platform free

Today it’s important to advertise your business online using offline media or either online media; because you see in the market, there is too much competition for everyone, whether it is big business or small business, but to make substantial inroads into the market. Online advertisement is the most important part, this is also the same, as is the food for the human being, the rest, Business people would know it very well.Beginner's Guide- How to Advertise Your Business online

Now we will talk about Facebook Advertisement. Facebook is a social media company that, in the world, connects people to each other as Friends, in today’s world many people joined Facebook and also spend their lots of time on it. But today after the passage of time, Facebook has its Market capturing, once you definitely should try to Facebook.A Deep Dive Into Facebook Advertising

Now come to steps to advertise your business with Facebook

  • There are several method to advertise your business on facebook, but here I will show you the simple way which will affect your business and can start with the Minimum budget, you should have a Facebook id and particular business facebook page where all the details should match and appropriate for business.Facebook Ad Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Campaigns
  • Now Go to Create Ads, as shown on pictures, after clicking on it one new page will open to perform more things, how to Create Best Facebook Advertisement Campaign on Facebook.Quick Steps to Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign
  • In this page you can choose your campaign type, Now our focus on, very simple and easy campaign type. Choose boost your post.
  • Now it will give you the options to choose from which page you have to take the Post if you have multiple pages on Facebook account, so choose your page.A Beginner's Guide to Social Media Advertising
  • You able to choose your post from previous post or either can directly create new post by clicking on plus sign in my case choose old post and want to advertise it
  • Now click on to continue button, to go further. In this Page, you need to type your campaign name, whatever you wanted to give, like my first advertisement campaign with facebook.
  • Scroll down choose your location, where you want to advertise your page or post, including city, state, country
  • Here you have options to choose your targeted audience age group, so choose a particular age group which you want to target for your ads campaign
  • You also need to fill interest of your targeted audience (mostly not necessary)
  • Just scroll down and see a payment tab where you can fix your budget (per day and lifetime) you can also fix your campaign start and end dates by clicking on Set a start and end date
  • Now come to next step just go to Optimize For (like – Post engagement, impression, daily unique reach etc) and put your ad set name (anything you want)
  • Just again slightly scroll down and see you post ads preview and review it, is that exactly match to your need
  • Finally. you should make online credit card payment for your entire advertisement campaign, you can also run multiple advertisement campaigns, simultaneously

Here I describe all the necessary steps to run your first advertisement campaign with Facebook, after reviewing your ads campaign Facebook will verify and deliver your ads campaign, after successfully publish your ads campaign you can see your traffic graph or ads delivery online in Facebook ads panel.

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