How to Delete Published Post with Google+

Google+ is world second largest social networking website, where anyone can share content including text, photo, video, the popular platform developed by Google developers team. If you are a online entrepreneur this is best platform which is freely give you high page rank back link and traffic as well, with top searches some of result belongs to Google+ pages.

Now many entrepreneur post their website link into Google plus, this approach will help users to drive traffic from Google+ page, lots of users drive thousands of users on daily basis on their new post, you also can perform such activities with Google+.

Lots of the new users getting confuse about how to delete and edit posted post from Google Plus, sometimes we posted wrong post by mistake, at that time you have two basic option either you have to delete that and make changes on by editing, now question is how you can do that, so this is easy steps to editing and deleting post.

Easy steps to delete and edit Google Plus published post

  • You have to login first with your Google Plus account by typing gmail and password.
  • Now go choose published post of main profile and can choose from any pages.
  • If you found your post, also will get post with posted time or date.
  • You have to click on Date where it will give you popup post with three dots with date at same position.How to Edit and Delete Published pOST OF Google Plus
  • Click on three dots, where you will get many options, edit delete, link, embed, mute, disable comment, disable reshare.How to Delete and Edit Google Plus Post
  • If you want to edit and delete post just click on Edit and delete option

Now your post will be deleted or edited as per your requirements, Google plus provide lots of option with easy usage, this is best tool for business peoples they can easily drive more traffic to their website.

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