Best Way to secure your Dropbox account from Unwanted Attack

More security you need with your Dropbox account, so you have to be more activated to do well, as there are such user. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage service believed by many users. There are several method to securing Dropbox account using various method, if someone trying to login your account.

Track the session of Dropbox

When you login to your Dropbox account and then choose setting of security where you will get session by visiting security tab these are the web browsers currently logged in to your Dropbox.Ways To Secure Your Dropbox Account

Track Devices logged in with your Dropbox account

Logged in with your devices you will get exact device info with device name, country, Most recent activity, included Version of OS and IP addresses. You’ve linked these devices. If you get any suspected device which is connected with Dropbox account, you can remove those device by clicking on x button on right side of setting>>security.

Change Password timely and make it hard to remember

Some password easily hack-able, where many hacker and your known personas can guess random numbers or activity, it’s a one formula to hack, rest one is by generating random series, or many other ways, but you need to make your password such as 123abc!@#AASN, where all the letters and numbers will be covered.How can I protect my Dropbox account

Enable Two-step verification with Mobile number

Two factor authentication is most secure way to safe your account, Dropbox enable this feature before some time, so that users can easily secure their accounts, with this functionality you have to put your mobile number, for securing your account with two-factor authentication you have to follow few steps.

  • Login to your Dropbox account
  • Choose setting >> then security >> select Two-step verification >> click on Disabled (click to enable).
  • Now new screen will be shown where it will share message Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to the Dropbox website or link a new device, you’ll need to enter both your password and also a security code sent to your mobile phone. Now click on Get started.
  • For security, please enter your password for embil@ID, now type your Dropbox default current password.Enable two-step verification with Dropbox account
  • And then press next button >> now it will shows >> How would you like to receive your security codes? 
  • Use text messages Security codes will be sent to your mobile phone. and  Use a mobile app Security codes will be generated by an authenticator app.Enable two-step verification
  • The best way is use text message to get code for login your Dropbox account.How to make Dropbox more secure without spending a cent
  • Now put your mobile number, there are too many country codes available, choose your country and type your phone number.
  • Now you will get security code which you have to put on screen and press next button.
  • After feeding your code Dropbox will give you backup mobile number option Backup mobile phone number (optional) If you lose access to your primary security code source, we can send them to your backup mobile phone instead.Secure code using apps
  • Now second method is secure using mobile apps 

    An authenticator app lets you generate security codes on your phone without needing to receive text messages. If you don’t already have one, we support any of these apps.

    To configure your authenticator app:

    • Add a new time-based token.
    • Use your app to scan the barcode below, or enter your secret key manually.
  • Now your code will be verified

These are the best methods to secure your data on Dropbox without buying any plan, these four method will help you to secure your account so that others can not login and use your Dropbox content.

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