Xiaomi was in front of the curve when it comes to design that is a smartphone with the Mi Mix. The Mi Mix 2 establish a fresh standard and could follow suit. The Mi Mix smartphone of Xiaomi is a flavor of what is to come in a design that is a smartphone – a big, magnificent screen with next to no bezels. Xiaomi might already be working on a successor despite the fact that the Mi Mix only came out last autumn. Here’s everything we think we know about the Mi Mix 2, although there’s not lots of info to go on just yet.

According to latest reports, the display of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 could be all the more striking. The most recent gossip suggests that the screen in the Mi Mix 2 will cover a significant 93 percent of the mobile’s front – that is up from 90 percent in the phablet that is first. In addition to this, it is anticipated that the screen on the mobile is going to be a curved AMOLED screen. What made the Mi Mix distinctive – apart from almost nonexistent bezels – was the usage Elliptic Labs of ultrasound technology to replace the proximity sensor on the very front of the screen.

This allowed for the screen to go black within a call when the apparatus was lifted up to the ear of the mobile – an activity normally performed by the proximity sensor. Using ultrasound technology enabled the bezel to be eliminated by Xiaomi on the surface of the apparatus. Maybe the firm is going to take it a step further and make an effort to get rid of the bottom bezel as well, although it is extremely likely we will see this again. Xiaomi creator Lei Jun said in Weibo upgrade which he’s working again with Philippe Starck, the French designer that helped design the Mi Mix.

Jun said the two are planning to see how they are able to make These thrilling innovations truth, although, from rough translations, there look to be no particular reference of the Mi Mix 2. Jun posted an image of the two standing facing a Mi Mix ad. More: Apple, Lookout. Xiaomi needs to start 1, 000 sells stores in next 3 years. It appears likely that the 2nd generation Mi Mix is being referred to by Jun, though we can’t support this. There are leaks or no other gossips readily available for the device, however, but we expect to start hearing more as we approach the autumn. Additional gossip that Mi Mix 2’s screen is going to be even bigger than the first.

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