Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses (Plastic Black VR Virtual Reality Glasses Rectangular) Coupon Code

Today we have Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses with flat $26 discount coupon from Light in the Box with duty free shipping and expected express shipping time up to 4 to 8 business days, initially the price was $104.63, just after applying 32% discount from brand it cost today $71.99 including all of these we also have discount coupon: XIAOMIVR01 in which it will cost you just $45.99 the VR Glasses with Built-in independent motion sensor, high sensitivity.

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Coupon Code: XIAOMIVR01

There’s no denying that all of the features of given products are amazing, it supports 360-degree panorama mode with hardware level acceleration, anti-vertigo features. If you are a dedicated lover of 3D videos this device will provide you comfortable designing experience, support wide area large field of view, even more, you will get sea-island cotton to get high comfort from inside when you wear it.Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses Light in The Box Coupon Code $26

The Original Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses Plastic Black VR Virtual Reality Glasses Rectangular features a 9-axis somatosensory handle and built-in independent motion sensor with high sensitivity anti-dizziness, additionally, the hardware quality is improved. The VR headset sports a 1600Hz independent motion sensor, and comes with 16ms low latency which offers you smooth frames on the output, it supports 103 degrees super wide angle Field of View, as we all know wide angle means more visibility.

The VR headset will easily work with Xiaomi 5, 5s, 5s Plus, Note 2 smartphones equipped with soft skin-closed foam, comfortable to wear and support object distance adjustment, allows myopia under 600 degree and hyperopia under 200-degree naked eye watching. As per Light in The box information the product was listed on 11-Nov 2017 and suitable for adult and comes in White color with the rectangular shape. And the VR headset is powered by 2 x AAA batteries.

Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality Glasses (Black VR Virtual Reality Glasses Rectangular) Key Features:

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Inside Black outer Body White Color
  • It has a Motion sensor
  • 360 Degree Panorama View
  • 16ms Low Latency
  • Works with Xiaomi Phones
  • 103 degree super wide angle FOV
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • 9-axis motion sensing remote controller.

Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses

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