YouTube is one of the best site on Internet for listening music, watching videos and also uploading your content like video, music or any other content like technical lessons, photography lesson and many more things here we will show you 10 useful tips and tricks using these tricks you can better utilize your YouTube experience.

1- How to Download Videos from YouTube?

Many of us want to download YouTube videos while we are watching them, there are two ways of downloading YouTube videos on your device first method uses some third party website like here you only need to copy and paste the YouTube youtube videos on your computer free

Or the second method is just type SS in front of your desired YouTube URL after that website will open where to download option will option just select the quality of video download from the given youtube videos on your computer from savefromnet website free

If you want to download video or songs from YouTube to your Smartphone then you need to download TubeMate app in your device although you will not find this app in Google Play Store you have to use some third party source for downloading TubeMate on your Android or iOS device.

2- How to download only Audio track of YouTube Videos?

If you want to download only music track of any video in your computer then go to or and paste the URL of your desired YouTube videos after that you can download the audio track in Mp3 format.

3- How to Get Know About Background Music Running on YouTube Videos?

Sometimes we like the background music of YouTube videos and want to know about that music so how we know about that music it is so simple just go to and paste the YouTube videos URL after that it will search the page and tell you about which music is running on the background of the video.

4- How to Make GIF from YouTube Videos?

If you want to Make a GIF from your desired YouTube video just enter the GIF in front of video URL after that it will take you to the where you can select the length of the video and click on create Gif to make it GIF to make gif image from youtube

5- How to Set the Settings of YouTube for Slow Connections?

If you internet connection is slow and want to change video settings according to your need then go to your account and click on Playback now select the option “ I have a slow connection, never play higher-quality to change the quality of video in YouTube for slow internet connection

6- How to Turn Enable or Disable AutoPlay Feature of YourTube?

AutoPlay feature will automatically play videos on YouTube due to this you will lose your data so if you want to disable this feature so just turn off the Autoplay feature located in right side of your playback screen.turn off autoplay in YouTube

7- How to Use Your Keyboard for YouTube?

Using Keyboard shortcuts, you can do lots of task with YouTube

  • K = For pause or play the YouTube Video.
  • J=To rewind video for 10 seconds.
  • L= To forward video for 10 seconds.
  • M= To mute the sound.
  • O= To start the video from beginning.
  • Use 1-9 key for forwarding videos in 10 % ratio accordingly.

8- How to Activate Privacy in YouTube?

If you turn on your privacy then all your YouTube activity may be seen by others so if you want to turn off this feature just go to privacy section of your YouTube account and check the options under Activity Feed like below screen after that no one will able to know about your to activate privacy in youtube

9- How to Find Page of Your Favorite Artist in YouTube?

If you want to find your Favorite Artist (Singer, Actor, Brand etc)page in YouTube than just type your favorite artists name with # without any space and you will see the videos and his/her page in the right side of the to find the artist in YouTube

10- How to Share YouTube Video From Specific Time?

If you want to share YouTube video from a specific time just put your mouse cursor on the timeline of video and right click on it then go the “Copy video URL at current time”.how to share YouTube videos from a specifica time interval

So these are the best and useful tips and trick for any YouTube video lover.Apart from these tricks if you know any other tricks please share it on our comment box.

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