Here we list 10 most popular programming languages of 2015 according to Google trends this list is dominated by languages like Java, Python, PHP, C and others.In the year 2015, we have seen a lot of interest towards computer programming language people became more aware of what skill they can achieve using these programming languages.

If you are a developer then it is always the biggest challenge for you to selecting a computer language which can full fill your need.The rank of these programming languages is based on their using criteria.Here we list these languages using Google trends. If we look at the Google trends Graph, we observed that Java is the most searchable language in 2015 throughout the year so Java rank in no 1 position on the list.In the list Python rank in the second position, this language has surpassed the java in the month of November 2015 and if we look at its graph we can observe that the popularity of Python has increased over the past year.Take a look at the Graph below.10 most popular programming language of 2015

The next spots are taken by C and C++ which rank in third and fourth position respectively.Java script the popular programming language in web spot in the fifth position.

The next spots are taken by PHP, Ruby, C# and CSS in sixth, seventh, eighth and nine position respectively.Programming Language People Wanted To Learn The Most In 2015

On the 10th spot claimed by Swift Programming language and it’s a surprising thing to see Swift in top 10 best programming languages because just three week ago, Apple made it’s Swift Programming Language open source and in such a short span of time it gains much popularity in compare of other programming languages.

Best 10 Programming Languages in 2015 People Want to Learn According to Google Trends

Here we list 10 best programming language according to Google trends who people want to learn in 2015 around the globe.

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. C
  4. C++
  5. JavaScript
  6. PHP
  7. Ruby
  8. C#
  9. CSS
  10. Swift

So which programming language you will prefer on the list to learn in 2015. If you know any other programming language which you think better than these listed programming languages let us know about that and share your thoughts on the comment box.



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